We can’t thank you enough for helping us train Zora, our kick ass Pit Mix. Your training techniques have given Zora the discipline and behaviors that put Pitbull critics to shame. We loved how thorough you have been and how you showed us how to respond to Zora these past few months.

When we first adopted Zora she was aggressive with other dogs. She has now learned how to focus her energy and be more playful. Learning is fun for her now! Zora will play with a 15 lb Pug or a 90 lb Golden Retriever really well now! Zora will sit, heel, run, lay down, and fetch on command as well.

Zora has grown in size and as mentioned she has learned how to do a lot of things, most importantly, how to respond to daily things that used to trigger her to act out. We look forward to teaching her more this next year with you! There are not many trainers who have this much passion for dogs AND teaching people.

Thanks again Sue!
Matt and Molly and Zora