When Bella got adopted, at 1.5 years old for the 3rd time, she seemed like the perfect dog. She was even great with kids. Then about 3-4 weeks after her adoption, her issues began to settle in. She began to display social anxiety, trust issues with adults and children, and dog aggression. She attempted to bite her family at different times. Sometimes it was if you asked her to do something she didn’t want. Other times, it was over food or her perceiving a threat when looking at her. At times, if you were rubbing her belly, which she loves, Bella would suddenly look at you and growl and snap. I received this update today:

“Hi! I just wanted to let you know how great Bella has been. She was fantastic at the boarding facility over Christmas. The staff said they couldn’t understand what I was talking about with her behavior issues. They said she was so affectionate with them. She would stop in the middle of her activities to give them hugs and kisses. We even had a family stay with us for a week and they have kids and she was great! She would let people lay with her on the floor and rub her belly. Not one incident. She even let a stranger (a friend of our family that was staying with us) sit on the floor and she came up to them wanting attention. Thank you so much for your help with her. I am so happy. We’re still working with her and I know she is working through it still as well, but man!!! She’s doing good! I couldn’t tell you how much anxiety I had over knowing we were having family stay with us because of her social anxiety…I was so scared. I was just so proud of her, I got teary over it because I was so happy. She needed patience, love and understanding. It wasn’t an easy road at all, she deserved the perseverance. For the first time in her life she has people who won’t quit on her..I think she knows that now. Thank you thank you!!!