Dog Behavior Intervention

Welcome to Problem Solved! Dog Training!

We specialize in training you and your family practical methods that result in the type of dog you are proud to bring anywhere at anytime. Think of us as Chicagoland’s first Dog Behavior Intervention service!

All training is one-on-one and customized to your dog’s individual temperament and circumstances. No two dogs are alike and no dog training should be the same for every family’s situation. Together, we set goals that are customized to your dog’s behavioral needs, your family’s environment and schedule. Training begins in your home before progressing to a public setting, such as a park, where we will solidify our dog training around real world distractions.

**We firmly believe in the power of being open-minded to every training technique available. This allows us to be creative with our training techniques to find what is best for you and your dog. We take pride in constantly going to seminars, shadowing other trainers and being part of a network of trainers that support each other on a daily basis. Learning should never stop.

Good training is disciplined play and through these proven training methods, we will teach you exactly HOW to build a reliable and trusting bond between you and your dog companion. Problem Solved!